Paradise Landscapes carry out entire landscape projects from original design, planting, hard and soft landscaping as well as project managing the entire job.

Our consultant will initially learn about the intended project, listen to requirements, likes and dislikes. The initial consultation and quotation is free. We come back with several different options: a project with economy in mind as well as a more substantial plan.

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1. Initial consultation and brief
This is the first site meeting with the designer. During this meeting, which usually takes up to 2 hours, the designer will take your brief, look at the site and start to put their ideas together for how the property will look. This is also your opportunity to get to know the designer and see some of their past work. From this meeting the designer will also be able to give you a quote for the cost of the design.

2. Concept Plan
After the initial consultation and brief have occurred and the client accepts a quote for the designer’s work, then the designer will put together a concept plan. The concept plan is a rough draft of the final plan. The client can see the concept that the designer has proposed and still make any changes or suggestions to make sure they end up with a plan that they can be 100% happy with.

3. Final Plan and working drawings
The designer will make any necessary changes to the concept plan to arrive at the final plan. This plan should show all spaces and shapes, the correct finished heights and the materials to be used in construction. This plan will be to scale and can be used to work off of for construction. Once this plan has been drawn up, then the construction team can put together an accurate quote for the works to be done

4. Planting plan and additions
The last process is drawing up a schedule of the plants to be used in the garden. The planting plan will be drawn on the landscaping plan and should show where the plants are to be planted, the plant varieties, sizes and quantities. The client may also request a plan to be drawn for lighting and for irrigation if they so choose.

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